Where in the world is Weezie?

Holy Schneikes! I’ve been MIA for well over a month, now. I could come up with a whole boatload of colourful excuses, but the truth of it is… I’ve been lazy. Lazy and just plain burnt out.

If you work in marketing, you know that the lead-up to the holidays is maddening at best,  soul-destroying at worst. If you work in retail, you know it, too. If you happen to work as part of a small, in-house marketing team for a company that is both a bricks & mortar AND online retailer? Well, then you can completely appreciate my complete and utter lack of energy to write anything at all, lo these past few weeks.

One can only spout SUPER SAVINGS and FESTIVE HOLIDAY SALE so many times and so many ways, before the urge to steal crayolas from a six-year-old, sit in a corner and colour outside the lines in ALL their colouring books becomes far too tempting an idea.

Today was a beautiful day, however. Today, at 3:57pm ET, our final (terminal, conclusive or last, if you will) flyer of 2011 went to print.

Wait… can you hear that?

It’s a choir of angels singing the Hallelujah Chorus as they float down to perch atop my desk as they offer me glass upon glass of a full-bodied Merlot. Oh, and the angels all look like Ewan McGregor. In this outfit.




I feel like I may now return to my regularly scheduled thought processes. Now, I can get on with the things that make me happy. Now I can actually write without wanting to bash my face into my keyboard until the Q key embeds itself into my left eye.

Now… it’s just about time to go home to enjoy that Merlot.