’tis the Season, Part 1: The Potluck

Once again, the season of eating is upon us. I know, I know – Goodwill toward Mankind… blah, blah, blah. But who’s kidding who? There’s a reason gyms have ramped up their marketing (seriously, if I didn’t know any better, I might be offended at the number of flyers that litter my door and mailbox every effin’ day!) and will rake in a KILLING in New Year’s Resolution memberships.

Having made some slight headway in my own personal fitness, I’ve decided that this is the year I won’t gain the inevitable 10 (15?) pounds. Yes, I know – best laid plans and all that. I amuse myself, too. A girl can try, though.

My office is having the first of what will, no doubt, be personal challenges throughout this season of merriment: The lunchtime potluck. There will be a slew of delights to choose from… and it’s going to take an iron will to resist all the fatty, yummy, morsels that will be on display. But who wants to be the dick who goes around asking what’s in each and every dish prior to taking a bite?

Not this girl.

So I thought – why not create one hearty, tasty, good-for-you dish to contribute?  At best: I have something I can eat without the usual Potluck Remorse. At worst: I’m asked not to participate next time.

But it’s not like I work with an office of sloths who roll around consuming calories like there’s no tomorrow. In fact, there are quite a few who watch what they eat, make regular trips to the gym and, generally, care about their own health.

So (and here’s where I continue to impress myself… all modesty aside *ahem*) I found a tasty recipe and altered it somewhat to make it slightly more filling & just a smidge less fattening. Let’s be honest: why waste calories on things like processed cheese, mayo and oil dressing when they can be better spent on chocolatey, creamy, buttery or pastry-y concoctions? Exactly.

And, so I give you: Weezie’s ChickPea, Cucumber & Tomato Delight (everything else uses the word Delight over the holidays, so I figured I could too. Feel free to rename as you see fit.)

½ C Black Olives

540 mL can Chick Peas


551 mL Grape Tomatoes

4 cloves Garlic

¼ C Red Onion

5 tbsp Kraft Fat Free Italian Dressing

Litehouse Salad Herb Blend


Drain & rinse chick peas & set aside
Drain olives
Mix all ingredients into bowl
Toss with Salad Dressing & Salad Herbs
Let sit for at least an hour… if not longer (over night is ideal)
Makes 14 ½-cup servings

(NI: Cals: 75.1 | Fat: 1.4 g | Sodium: 262.8 mg | Carbs: 12.3 g  | Fibre: 3 g | Protein: 3.7 g)

Oh – and I also brought chocolate chip cookies. It is a freakin’ potluck, after all!