The 6-week Pipes Challenge: And so it begins…

Last week, I mentioned a great new challenge (The Life After Bagels Pipes Challenge) I was willing to take on in a vain (yes, I can admit my motives) attempt to look a wee bit better in tank tops & sleeveless shirts this summer.

And so, tonight, I began Week #1. I’ve armed myself with a tape measure, some wee (3lb) dumbbells, resistance bands & two beginner’s upper arm workouts courtesy of Sparkpeople (for tonight’s workout; for starters) and will continue to up the ante with each successive  workout.

It’s handy that today also marks the beginning of Week #3 of my 10k Training, as well – so the one dovetails nicely into the other. Which means I’ll finish up both projects at the same time.

I’ve taken the requisite before photos & preliminary measurements. Now, whether or not said photos  ever see the light of day depends entirely upon how successful the next six weeks are.  I know, I know. You’re supposed to post before pictures as an added incentive to soldier through your challenge with enough success that your after photos will look smashing by comparison. Whatever. My blog – my rules.