Be GONE Bingo Wing!

Every girl’s got a body part they’d love to change, right? Granted, some of us have more than just the one, but some things take time.

As part of my on-going metamorphosis, I’ve decided to do something about the Under Arm Wattle that seems to never leave, despite all my efforts to make it feel unwelcome. You know what I’m talking about: that unfortunate wobble of flesh that just refuses to stay still once your arm is raised above a certain height; that wretched, unyielding wing of pudge that sticks around no matter how many kilometres you log on your trusty treadmill or how many pounds you shed from your arse.

The time has come to exorcise the evil scourge that is Bingo Wing.  And I’ve learned of a means to combat this contemptuous bit of corpulence: The Life After Bagels PIPES Challenge.  Via my pal Therese, I’ve learned of  Morgan’s little challenge to spend 6 weeks bettering that particular body part.

Now, Morgan’s plan is to follow the hundred push ups training program, but any 6-week program that you think suits you can be followed. The official start is Monday, March 21. And, I’ll be honest – I don’t think I can even do ONE pushup. Oh, I can do the modified from-the-knee version. But a bona fide Pushup? Not likely. And I think the time has come to stop using the I’m A Girl/Out of Shape/Too Fat excuses. So I’m going to give it a go. Make no mistakes, I have NO delusions that I’ll be able to complete 100 Pushups by the end of the 6 weeks. But I’ll be able to do more than I can right now.