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Math is Pretty!

It’s true. While the inherent beauty of a mathematical equation isn’t exactly something I spend a whole lot of time pondering, it is there.

Take, for example, the one discovered by German mathematician, August Ferdinand Möbius, that gives us the Mobius Strip (or Mobius Band.)  The definition, itself, is pretty simple to comprehend (a non-orientable two-dimensional surface with only one side when embedded in three-dimensional Euclidean space.) The mathematical equation that explains it, though? Not so much (not to me, in any event.)

The aesthetic of the Mobius strip, however, is something everyone can appreciate – particularly when it’s the form of something shiny!

This weekend I was fiddling around with some simple chain mail and came up with these simple and elegant pretties.

And they have some equally lovely counterparts in the way of earrings, too!

They’ll be added to the Weezie World store shortly. So, if you’re interested, pop by a bit later in the week!

Have a great Monday!


Le Dolci: How Sweet It Is

I don’t believe in doing things small. As an example, my first real foray into decorating anything edible took place last summer when I convinced my mom that the very best wedding cake would be one of her making. Despite her initial reservations, she agreed with the stipulation that I help her decorate. In fairness, she did all the hard parts what with creating three separate cakes, each more delicious than the next, and ensuring that the delicious butter cream icing covered any crumbs (no small feat, let me tell you) so everything looked all pretty & wedding-like. All I had to do was add the bling. And bling, I added. Heh.

I’ve always had a bit of a knack for whipping up tasty treats. Making them pretty, however, has never really been my strong suit (although I must admit, I’m pretty pleased with my wedding cake efforts; not too shabby for a rank amateur.) So when Groupon had a one-day event a few months ago for a discounted Cupcake Decorating Class, I jumped at the opportunity.

This Sunday, I attended a two-hour class at Le Dolci Cupcake Decorating Studio. Happily, it’s located right downtown at King & Portland  –  just a quick stroll from home (hooray! no need to add TTC aggravation to my weekend!)

Our hostess, Lisa, started Le Dolci two years ago while living in the UK (London, to be precise) but decided that being closer to her family in Canada (and being able to afford space enough in which to grow her business) was all the reason she needed to bring her sugary venture to the Great White North.

The class I attended was for absolute beginners, but Le Dolci hosts a number of classes featuring a wide array of themes and varying degrees of difficulty. (I’m hazarding a guess that cleanup after the Mommy/Daddy & Me class is a fun time.)

Lisa provides you with everything you need to decorate & bring home a dozen sinfully sugar-laden cupcakes (right down the lovely bakery box for transport!) And the great part about this class is that the cupcakes are all pre-baked, cooled & ready for decorating (which is ideal if you’re like me and you already know how to make things taste great but need some help with the aesthetics.)

As you can see, the class does merit results!

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