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Toronto + Books = True Love

This amazing viral video from Type Books (883 Queen St. W in Toronto) is currently making the rounds.

If you haven’t already, click play. And enjoy.

And if you’re in downtown Toronto, why not drop by Type Books and say hello? They’re right across the street from Trinity Bellwoods park at Queen & Niagara!


Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot…

No two ways about it — Toronto is stinkin’ HOT today.

But it wasn’t all that long ago, that this is what greeted us when we stepped out of doors.

So let’s remember that when we start griping about the heat. Granted, 38°C & a 49°C humidex (that’s 100°F with a 120°F humidex for you Americans out there) is a bit excessive for the Great White North. I’ll give you that. And I do, sincerely, feel for you if you work outside or don’t have air conditioning.

But it is temporary. And we’ll all be crying into our toques & mukluks soon enough about the snow and the minus 20°C temps.

Besides, sometimes good – or, at least, entertaining – things come from weather this scorching hot. The TTC might have been sticky & gross, but there was no shortage of  Summer-in-the-City diversions to watch along the way home tonight.

I wish I’d been quick enough on the draw to capture a photo of the ballsy (heh) lad on Queen Street who decided to simply throw propriety to the wayside and strip to his knickers for his walk home.

Ordinarily, in this sort of heatwave, you’d think that this young lady would be raking in the cash hand over fist.

Ordinarily she would. However, just a few blocks back, Little Miss Lemonade was trumped by a girl with a sassy short skirt. Okay,  the fact that said girl in said sassy short skirt was also handing out free beer might have weighted her hand just a bit. But seriously. Free beer. FREE. She was simply asking for ID, and then handing it out for free. FREE beer. Welcome to Canada, eh?

Stay cool!


TTC versus SUV

Who would win? Who would you place your money on?

I’m certain the lady driving the SUV pictured here had no idea she’d ever have to ponder such a question. But I guess, the longer you live in Toronto and hear about all the wankery that takes place WHILE drivers are in control of their vehicles, nothing should really come as too much of a surprise.

For some reason the driver of our streetcar completely missed the fact that there was, in fact, a vehicle ahead of him when he came to the lights at the King & Portland intersection.

Seriously? How do you miss that? It was rush hour. It’s not like there weren’t SCADS of other vehicles around. And it’s not like she came out of nowhere (her vehicle was clearly arse -ended… no tell-tale swipes that would’ve happened had she appeared from nowhere and cut him off.)

Thankfully, nobody seemed to be hurt. To be quite honest, I was near the back of the streetcar reading when it happened. I just assumed that the sudden jerkiness was just keeping with the habit most King Streetcar drivers have of riding the brakes for the entire length of the route. Of course, the loud clank noise that punctuated the final jolt probably should have alerted me to the fact that something was amiss.

The sheepish “uhm – due to the collision, this car is now out of service” announcement clued me in pretty quickly, however.

Yep. Good times.

Although, since I had to walk up to hop on the Queen Streetcar, at least I didn’t get short-turned halfway to my destination. So I guess that’s something.

Miss SUV Driver? I hope you didn’t get into trouble for being late to work. And I hope the TTC has to buy you a nice shiny brand new vehicle. And a vacation. And some sexy new designer luggage for said vacation.

Just sayin’.


Not cool, Mother Nature. Not cool.

Today is not my best day ever. I started it at roughly 3am when the convenience store sandwich wrap I treated myself to for dinner last night decided it was going to make a repeat performance. Yep. Awesome treat. Nothing like praying to the Great Porcelain God to get your day off to a rip-roarin’ start.

I know.

Lesson learned.

And, as if that wasn’t special enough, it seems the world around me has decided to spiral back a season.

Now, I know this is Canada. And winter is just one of those unfortunate circumstances with which we deal. It’s a small price to pay, really, when you think of all the wonderful benefits to living here.

But COME ON, EILEEN! We ushered in the beginning of Spring this Sunday past. Birdies were chirping, puppies were yapping, children were singing. Okay, perhaps  I’m speaking in a wee bit too much hyperbole.

But I ask you: does this look like the first week of Spring to you?