Embracing my bookworm-iness

As year-end round ups are popping up all over the place, I thought it would be fun to do one of my own. And, since I spend a LOT of time with my face stuck in books, I figured my 2010 reading list might translate into a fun end-of-year list. If nothing else it would provide an interesting, if not scary, glimpse into my psyche. Did I mention I’ll read almost anything? (Almost: heaving bosoms or sparkly vampires on a book cover will get it tossed into the Oh, Hell No! pile pretty quickly; not to discount bosoms or vampires… simply the heaving & sparkly varieties, respectively.)

But I realized one small flaw in my plan to expound brilliantly upon all of the books I’d read in 2010: I didn’t keep track of any of them. So I started going through my book cases in an attempt to remember what I’d read this year (wait – did I read the The Book of Negroes this year or last year?) and was accomplishing nothing more than giving myself a pounding headache. Part of the problem is sheer volume. Having said that, I should clarify that not every title is of the mind-expanding or literary classic variety. Heh. I did say I’d read almost anything, remember.

So I’ve decided to start a fun wee project for 2011: Weezie’s Book Nook. I’ll keep track and will check in from time to time with my thoughts on a few current reads. I bet you’re all a-twitter in anticipation, aren’t you? Yep. Thought so.

And to make things easier, my fantabulously wonderful husband gifted me with a Kobo (PS: loving that it came pre-loaded with 100 classics!) this year for Christmas. Hooray!

I still kick it old school (there’s a certain visceral, tactile rush that comes from low-tech… and always will) with books and will never give them up. In fact I spent some quality hardcover time with one Miss Jen Lancaster (My Fair Lazy, to be precise) over the holidays. But seriously: being able to carrying around hundreds of books in your purse? RULES.

Anyone else have any fun projects for 2011?