Math is Pretty!

It’s true. While the inherent beauty of a mathematical equation isn’t exactly something I spend a whole lot of time pondering, it is there.

Take, for example, the one discovered by German mathematician, August Ferdinand Möbius, that gives us the Mobius Strip (or Mobius Band.)  The definition, itself, is pretty simple to comprehend (a non-orientable two-dimensional surface with only one side when embedded in three-dimensional Euclidean space.) The mathematical equation that explains it, though? Not so much (not to me, in any event.)

The aesthetic of the Mobius strip, however, is something everyone can appreciate – particularly when it’s the form of something shiny!

This weekend I was fiddling around with some simple chain mail and came up with these simple and elegant pretties.

And they have some equally lovely counterparts in the way of earrings, too!

They’ll be added to the Weezie World store shortly. So, if you’re interested, pop by a bit later in the week!

Have a great Monday!