Pottery Barn WISHES they were this cool!

Hot on the heels of my delightfully transporting experience at the Toronto Christmas Market (damn, I hope they do it again next year!) – I’ve discovered a new & lovely shop in which to spend spare time & dollars.

Adornments on Queen is in a part of town (Queen & Parliament) one wouldn’t ordinarily expect to find anything quite so pretty & fabulous smelling. The shop has been there since the end of June but, for whatever reason, I’d just never gotten around to popping in for a visit. Today I decided to brave the unfortunate temperatures (seriously, Mother Nature? It’s not even, technically, winter yet. Settle down ) and took a stroll down on my lunch break.

Wedged between a made-to-order furniture shop and a design firm (and two doors down from, arguably, the crappiest Subway in the city), Adornments on Queen is one of those places that brings out the Girlie Girl in even the most un-girlie of girls.

Words nearly (hehI did say ‘nearly’) escape me when it comes to describing the ethereal loveliness of this place. With an almost Victorian air, it melds together a bit of European souvenir shop with a dash of jewelry & gift boutique, alongside a furniture & home décor showroom with a bit of a stationery store thrown in for good measure. But, really, that barely scratches the surface.

(There are several blinged-out throw pillows that I have a gnawing desire to own. I’m not proud. I just like shiny things. My dad used to call me a magpie. I do believe there was a reason for that.)

A tea bar at the front of the store permeates the entire place with the scent of its 79 varieties of loose tea from steepedandinfused.com. Too much to choose from? Yeah, they’ve got your back there: you can buy sample packs (5 for $5) until you’re ready to commit to just one flavour. Today’s after-lunch treat is a Yerba Mate Chocolate Cappuccino concoction of toasted Mate, cocoa, sunflower petals, almond bits, cactus flowers and cornflower blossoms. It might not be caffeine free, but I’m at peace with that (besides, who cares about caffeine when you can have calorie-free, guilt-free chocolate?!) They also have a cute little bistro area and serve pastries and sandwiches from Café Florentin in the Beaches (The Beaches? Or The Beach? Whatever – the east end boardwalk-y area of downtown Toronto with all the cute shops & restaurants.)

Adornments on Queen really is everything Pottery Barn wishes they were… but with better selection, better prices and no need to set foot in the mall. Also: Free WiFi in their café for the win!

Check out their pretty, sparkly holiday goodies: