The Puttering that Keeps me Sane

I’ve recently discovered a delightful treasure trove of nerdosity, called It’s a bit like Facebook but for crafty dorks (or, like me, dorks who aspire to craftiness.)

Not only can you find a whole slew of project ideas with which to occupy any free time you may or may not have, you can also find quite a number of How Tos that people have been good enough to post along with photos of their shiny bits of flair.

You can find everything from art, photography & painting projects to gardening tips, hairstyle tutorials, recipes and, of course, jewelry projects of all sorts. And, since I’ve recently been bitten by the jewelry/beading bug, I had to sign up and join this community of crafty folks.

This twist on Chain Mail & Pearls has gone to a happy home with it's new owner, Jyessee.

My Grape Vine bracelet & Rhumba-style earrings look far more intricate than they actually are.