Heavy Metal Glam – NEW COLOURS!

I mentioned, a few weeks ago, that I’d be adding a few new colours to an earring style I’d whipped up for an event I was attending (yep, I’m totally going to brag again… it was Rob Zombie’s movie premiere at TIFF. No big deal.)

It may have taken me a bit longer than anticipated (what with that pesky full-time job getting in the way; can you believe they like me to show up and WORK in order to get paid?! Sheesh.) But I have added three new colours: Electric Blue, Ice, and Raspberry.

I’ll be adding more colours over the next little while. So, if you don’t see one now that tickles your fancy, check back… there’s bound to be something for everyone!

Check out all the Heavy Metal Glam colours over at my Storenvy shop!