Hip to be Square!

Ever been to a craft show, flea market or street festival and had something pretty catch your eye with nary a cent in your pocket? I know I have. And, in some cases, the option to use a credit card was made available. But, with the prohibitive cost of those wireless swipey terminals, most vendors and artisans just aren’t able to afford the rental and merchant fees associated with having one.

squareCanadaWell, the times they are a-changin’ (why, yes, as a matter of fact I *am* trying to fit as many song titles into this post as possible – heh) and the advent of super speedy smart phones has ushered in a spankin’ new way to accept credit card payments. Which is fantastic news for people like me who have lovely things to sell… and who also like to shop.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey launched a remarkable service in 2010 called Square – which, essentially, is a dongle that plugs into the headset jack of your iPhone or Android and lets you accept either Visa or Mastercard payments via its industry-standard encrypted network.

Good news for small business owners everywhere. And even better news for shoppers, like me!

So, for those of you planning to come out and visit Weezie World in person, don’t fret if you forgot to stop at the ATM… I’ve got your back.  Thanks to Square, Weezie World accepts Visa and Mastercard (and good old-fashioned cash) 🙂