Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot…

No two ways about it — Toronto is stinkin’ HOT today.

But it wasn’t all that long ago, that this is what greeted us when we stepped out of doors.

So let’s remember that when we start griping about the heat. Granted, 38°C & a 49°C humidex (that’s 100°F with a 120°F humidex for you Americans out there) is a bit excessive for the Great White North. I’ll give you that. And I do, sincerely, feel for you if you work outside or don’t have air conditioning.

But it is temporary. And we’ll all be crying into our toques & mukluks soon enough about the snow and the minus 20°C temps.

Besides, sometimes good – or, at least, entertaining – things come from weather this scorching hot. The TTC might have been sticky & gross, but there was no shortage of  Summer-in-the-City diversions to watch along the way home tonight.

I wish I’d been quick enough on the draw to capture a photo of the ballsy (heh) lad on Queen Street who decided to simply throw propriety to the wayside and strip to his knickers for his walk home.

Ordinarily, in this sort of heatwave, you’d think that this young lady would be raking in the cash hand over fist.

Ordinarily she would. However, just a few blocks back, Little Miss Lemonade was trumped by a girl with a sassy short skirt. Okay,  the fact that said girl in said sassy short skirt was also handing out free beer might have weighted her hand just a bit. But seriously. Free beer. FREE. She was simply asking for ID, and then handing it out for free. FREE beer. Welcome to Canada, eh?

Stay cool!