Andrew Mackenzie Hull: a name to the face

About a week and a half ago, I threw my hands up (figuratively speaking) and put it to the world to fill me in on the pseudo-cryptic posters that blanketed downtown with the face of a handsome young man known only as Andrew.

Well, yesterday, it would seem that the world answered. OK, not really. Not a direct response solely to me, anyway. But, thanks to the Torontoist, I have an answer.

Andrew Mackenzie Hull is the ubiquitous sketched face seen across town. He died in London in May of this year. And in November, his long-time partner, Shaan Syed, brought him back to Toronto.

Hull was originally from Oshawa (a wee town outside of Toronto) and the two were living in London, England working on a film when a tragic bike accident took his life.

So, in tribute, Syed began putting up the posters of Andrew’s face: The Andrew Project. Unfortunately, as is the life-span of street art, each poster’s existence is limited. But, as each one weathered or began to come down, Syed collected them “as they aged—either they were ripped down, graffitied, or postered over.” A book to document them is his intent for each one collected.

“The Andrew Project only ends when people forget about the image,” said Syed.

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