The Facebook fan page conundrum

It’s no secret that Facebook , like everyone, gots ta get paid.

As such, they’ve started offering up paid posts to administrators of fan and business pages. This shouldn’t be confused with paid advertising, however; in addition, Facebook  wants payment to reach people who are already fans of any given page.  So, even if you’ve ‘liked’ a page and then selected Show in News Feed from the drop-down menu at the top, chances are, you’re still not actually seeing the things you want to see.

So what else can you do? It’s pretty simple, really. When you pour that glorious cup of morning java and log in to Facebook to see what everyone’s up to — all you have to do is keep social media, well… social. By commenting and sharing posts, you can help to keep posts in your news feed.

And don’t worry about Zuckerberg… he’s not going broke anytime soon. 😉