♪♫ Workin’ on the Night Cheese…

The interwebs is a treasure trove of nerdy goodness & many a pretty thing. But sometimes… just sometimes, you stumble across something so gorgeous, so fabulous, so… FATTENING – you just can’t quite find the words.

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board has created the most mouth-wateringly gorgeous bit of food porn I’ve ever seen. It’s enough to make my chubby heart swoon. And, honestly, words have failed me. Just… go there. Look. I’m sure Liz Lemon has this site bookmarked. And she’s making it into a screensaver.


Welcome to my world…

it isn’t always grand and it’s rarely, if ever, glamourous. But it is mine. And I do like to talk about it. A lot. In fact, sometimes a bit too much. But if every 12-year-old with internet access and over-educated 30-something basement dweller can drone endlessly about the world around them – then, dammit, so will I. I’m nothing if not verbose.

I used to pride myself on my avoidance of the blogosphere. Today, I join the masses. I’m not proud.